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Welcome to Le Blanc Constructions home page.
     My name is John Le Blanc and I am the sole proprietor of the company since 1989. Before I started the company I worked in the union as a carpenter. There I worked on so many commercial projects in the entire area up to San Jose. I worked on all the hospitals, schools, hundreds of offices buildings and also retail stores.
     Once I received my License I moved into residential, sum of my own projects and also for other Contractors.
I went through a period of about ten years where I was specializing in Finish work.I have done more than a hundred kitchen remodels or installed the cabinets in them for other contractors. Many bathrooms as well.
     After that point I started to take on more additions and complete remodels. That was the period when I started to hire on help as I needed it.
We have had sum slow times but hardly ever. The crew and Subcontractors I have are all very capable to perform all that is needed to keep turning out beautiful projects.
For the last ten years or so we have also built several new homes.
We take pride in saying we have remodeled added on to or restored at least six Historic homes.
So please give us a call for all your construction needs.
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